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Janet Boctor
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I have been aware of FARM STEW since the beginning and the more I health about the work the more I am impressed with the “grassroots’ teaching and the abilities of the team.  There are lots of causes to donate to but when I find an organization where the money goes straight to the people needing it, I am impressed. 

I believe this work is inspired by God to fill a need in the lives of these people in Eastern and Southern Africa.  When one is taught the message spreads to others.  I am especially excited about the new work with preteen and teenaged girls so they can attend school fulltime.  Please join me in supporting this work in 2017.  The first $10,000 this year will be matched dollar for dollar.  Your spare change can change the lives of children and adults.  Thanks. 

Girls can stay in school if they can take care of the menstrual hygiene. Without a way to do so, they drop out. F ARM STEW has partnered with AFRIpads, as socially responsible company in Uganda that makes reusable cloth pads.   Help us raise funds purchase kits, distribute and educate the girls about their bodies and how to take care of them. To learn more about FARM STEW Sanitation. 

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