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Kim S donated $0 on 4/22/2021
Doris Causey donated $0 on 4/21/2021
Thank you for the great programs.
Doris Causey donated $0 on 3/17/2021
Thank you for the great zoom programs.
by Anonymous donated $20 on 2/10/2021
Your presentations are great. I always pick up something that I didn't know about. Well researched. Thank you.
Sara F donated $40 on 9/24/2020
Joyce Cameron donated $25 on 9/24/2020
Trine Beach donated $10 on 8/27/2020
Thanks to Ken Wiersema for the Raptors zoom presentation on 8/26/20!
Renee L Smith donated $10 on 7/24/2020
Charlotte W donated $50 on 7/23/2020
by Anonymous donated $20 on 7/23/2020
Mary Porter-Solberg donated $50 on 7/16/2020
I enjoyed the Nudibranch virtual class and Ken Wiersema's Corvid virtual class. Good information. Thank you for the presentations!
Colleen Taylor donated $40 on 7/9/2020
Appreciated the seminar I attended, and all the work done by Dungeness Audubon. It's a great resource for the community.
by Anonymous donated $20 on 7/2/2020