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Hello Friends! The Hoff family is planning a trip to Tanzania 2019/2020. We appreciate any support you can share for us in this exciting venture. We are SO excited to see what God has for our family. Annika, Joy, & Nathan first went to Tanzania in February of 2017 and our lives and the lives of our church have never been the same. We have been able to jump into God's giant kingdom work going on amongst his people in Tanzania.
We have connected with long-time friends, the Midthuns, as they work with girls in Tanzania that have had their lives hijacked by human trafficking.   In 2017 our sweet church, Trinity San Pedro, along with some friends and family were able by the grace of God to purchase land in Tanzania for Courage to have as their Promised Land!  This wonderful new home for Courage House is a place the girls can call their home - live, be educated, have a preschool for their children, and enjoy the outdoors.  It is truly a beautiful sight!  Nathan and a small group were there for the dedication of the property in February 2018.
It has been a dream of ours to bring our whole family to TZ and experience firsthand what God is doing at Courage House in TZ and in the local church there, with whom we have had wonderful connections.  This dream is becoming a reality, and we are being joined by about a dozen others from Trinity. Our team consists heavily of teachers and students who are on Christmas break, and the timing is such that the girls are also on break, and many of the college girls will be home for the holiday!  So we will be coming at a perfectly full and beautiful time to Courage - WELCOME HOME everyone!  During our trip, we will have a chance to connect with the girls and teaches, explore their beautiful country with them, and reconnect with the local Lutheran church with whom we have become close partners.  
Any donations you make here will go towards all 6 of the Hoffs going on mission to Tanzania!  Thank you in advance.
1. Prayer for the girls and the staff at Courage House Tanzania
2. Pray for provision for our family to get to Tanzania
3. Pray for Annika and her health concerns on such an in intense trip
4. Pray for our family as we lead a large group like this - a new experience for us!