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Courage House Tanzania

Courage House Tanzania is beautiful and will be able to house nearly 30 girls and babies too! We have outgrown our current place! We’re bursting at the seams with 16 girls and 2 toddlers. AND we’re getting ready for a new baby to be born. We are currently turning girls away each week. Our capacity will nearly triple as the existing house we have will be a  transition house “Courage House Too” for our over 18 year olds.
   Recent Activity
Kimberly Sook donated $25 on 10/4/2019
Danna Buerger donated $75 on 9/30/2019
Phil & Lydia H donated $100 on 9/12/2019
Sarah Doese donated $60 on 9/4/2019
Rachel K donated $175 on 8/25/2019
Jaryn Emhof donated $135 on 8/23/2019
Kimonos and headbands!
Kristina Harder donated $100 on 8/23/2019
Kristina payment for 4 courage kimonos. Money for Tanzania Courage House!
Molly Gartland donated $75 on 8/21/2019
Cindy Peguero donated $115 on 8/19/2019
Jenny Cook donated $100 on 8/18/2019
Jenny purchased 4 beautiful kimonos! Love to all the girls!
Kyle Klein donated $25 on 8/16/2019
Tanzania kimonos
Lori P. donated $35 on 8/2/2019
God bless Courage House Tanzania
Lauren Kirshner donated $100 on 8/1/2019
Meredith O’Rourke donated $250 on 7/18/2019
Donation in honor of Lillie Louise
Rob donated $500 on 7/9/2019
Gina Joy donated $150 on 7/9/2019
I love your heart. God bless!!!
B&K donated $220 on 7/8/2019
Sarah and Jenny! LOVE YOU GUYS!
Gerrit M Lansing donated $100 on 7/8/2019
John Kelley donated $200 on 7/8/2019
Brian Plaut donated $100 on 7/7/2019