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Fred and I became involved in this cause after reading a blurb about the first pop-up dinner that was being held.  It really struck me as something we could get behind.  We believe in second chances and this fit the bill.  These teenagers need someone to believe in them and help them believe that they deserve a second chance.
Each pop-up dinner we have attended (and we have missed only one!) we see more and more people getting involved and more chefs in Dallas wanting to be involved.  They may not know much about it to begin with, but after working with these young men and being inspired by them and by Chad Houser, they are believers and are usually as awestruck as we are and continue to be.
Please take a minute to read about Café Momentum.  Many of you know how passionate Fred and I are about this endeavor and we hope you will join us and become instrumental in opening this restaurant and giving these young men a second chance!
Believe it can happen!