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Mandy and Victor Aguilar
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For me, Cafe Momentum is more than just a job.

I worked in restaurants on and off from age 13 to 22. I learned customer service, teamwork, time management, working under pressure, and taking personal responsibility for my actions. I got my first paycheck, opened my first bank account, and learned how to do my taxes. I use the skills I learned at these restaurants even today in my work and at home (I can still slice a mean onion).

I love Cafe Momentum because we use the restaurant platform as a way to teach all of these job and life skills to young men who were never taught them. Kids who didn't have the supportive family that I had. Kids who turned to illegal activities in order to survive or to keep their family's electricity on. Cafe Momentum provides a way for these young men to make positive changes in their lives. I can see it happen every day. I hope you'll join me in raising money to open our restaurant!

Also, if we make our fundraising goal, Victor and I get our name on a table at the restaurant. How cool is that?