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This year, to thank you all for the support, I'm doubling-down on 826DC's literary bent. It's time to dig deep into my non-existent well of creativity and provide all my supporters odes celebrating their generosity, their personality and maybe a foible or two...

If you donate:

$15.00 - I will write you your own personal haiku, celebrating the simplest form of poetry, and perhaps the only one I can execute effectively. This is also enough to provide writing supplies to one student in 826's after-schoool writing program for one month!

$30.00 - I will write your own limerick, celebrating my Celtic roots with sentimental, lyrical rhymes. This also allows a class of students to become published authors through a Storytelling & Bookmaking Field Trip!

$50.00 - Switching to prose! I will write you your own (very) short story. Bonus peroragative! You get to choose three random nouns for inclusion in the story, which I have to weave in somewhat sensibly. This also provides one more seat for a student in 826's writing center!

100.00 and up - You'll get something far more valuable than drivel from me - a copy of 826DC's anthology of eight years of student writing, "You Will be Able to Say a Thousand Words.This is also enough to cover the cost of maintaining 826DC's book production room for one month!