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Laura Jean Wickman donated $500 on 12/12/2018
Tami Masuoka donated $50 on 12/12/2018
Trent W donated $50 on 12/9/2018
Rick and Debbie Davis donated $1000 on 12/9/2018
These last 2 years have been hard but I know we will persevere because we are right and we simply must - keep fighting.
Anne and John Blair donated $100 on 12/9/2018
Mary Pea donated $100 on 12/8/2018
The Grand Canyon has been my spiritual place for 30+ years. Bless all of you at the Grand Canyon Trust for your work to protect it!!
Eve Chenu and Tobin McGill donated $500 on 12/8/2018
Thanks for working to preserve one of the world's greatest place.
Dale and Susan Griffith donated $1000 on 12/7/2018
You are one of our most important and beloved charities. Thank you for all of the effective work .
Odin Christensen and Phyllis Lucas donated $250 on 12/7/2018
Jeff B donated $50 on 12/6/2018
Jean T donated $100 on 12/6/2018
Q donated $100 on 12/5/2018
Becky and Theodore Lewis donated $100 on 12/5/2018
Linda Guarino donated $100 on 12/4/2018
Jamie and Joy Harrison donated $1000 on 12/4/2018
Keep up the great work!
Michael and Valerie Cohen donated $100 on 12/3/2018
It is SPECIFICALLY the uplift conferences that caught our attention. We will be needing a thoroughly multicultural effort from here on in.
Mary and Dennis M donated $100 on 12/3/2018
We are in awe of your work. Please revise forms to make it easier for a couple with two last names to complete, and stop our paper mailings.
Robert S donated $25 on 12/1/2018
Backpacked in the Canyon several times as a graduate student in botany at ASU in the late 1960s. Float trip 1974. Thankful for the GCT.
Linnea B donated $25 on 12/1/2018
JAYE KENNINGTON donated $50 on 12/1/2018
Had to renew membership - this is too important to ignore!
by Anonymous donated $50 on 12/1/2018
Bruce P donated $50 on 11/29/2018
michael g donated $100 on 11/27/2018
David T donated $50 on 11/26/2018
Thank you for what you are doing. The Colorado Plateau is my favorite place in the U.S. Please continue to help protect it.
See Above donated $50 on 11/26/2018