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Sarah P donated $100 on 4/4/2020
by Anonymous donated $50 on 4/2/2020
Thanks for your quality vigilance! I love the Advocate!
Jesse, Isaac, and Sarah Gamoran donated $36 on 4/1/2020
Mazel Tov Dad and Julie!
Ruth Henry donated $50 on 4/1/2020
Mary T donated $100 on 4/1/2020
Thanks for the great work you all do. Please use this to support ongoing legal action to restore Grand Canyon Escalante to the original size
by Anonymous donated $100 on 3/31/2020
Christopher B donated $10 on 3/27/2020
Rich and Susan Turner donated $300 on 3/26/2020
The Trust is a fantastic organization that we are privileged to be members of.
Adrian T donated $20 on 3/26/2020
Janice Chung donated $150 on 3/25/2020
Dianna and Harvey Kinnard donated $250 on 3/25/2020
Sam and Matt, we are so happy for you and honored to make this contribution in your honor. Love you, Dianna and Harvey Kinnard
by Anonymous donated $100 on 3/25/2020
Thanks so much for helping save the lands, animals and peoples of this wonderful place for future generations to enjoy.
Aunt Sandie donated $50 on 3/18/2020
Anthony Filatov donated $10 on 3/17/2020
Keep up the good fight!