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Mary Galloway donated $50 on 2/16/2020
Chardell P donated $50 on 2/16/2020
Jo and Robert donated $54 on 2/16/2020
by Anonymous donated $25 on 2/15/2020
Lee McClelland donated $100 on 2/14/2020
Thank you for your work and via con dips.
Steven Smith donated $50 on 2/14/2020
Debra Davis donated $1000 on 2/14/2020
Elmar Brock donated $50 on 2/14/2020
Keep doing all you can to protect this priceless heritage.
Sara Goodnick donated $50 on 2/14/2020
Thank you for all of the work you do to protect this beautiful treasure that is humanity's heritage.
Lindsay Malone and Gabriel Deal donated $100 on 2/14/2020
Thank you GCT for all you're doing for the Colorado Plateau, the Indigenous People of the region, imparting a stewardship land ethic.
Alan Croft donated $25 on 2/13/2020
Sue Holloway donated $25 on 2/13/2020
I’ve lived in the southwest all my life so these lands are precious to me.
Carol M donated $36 on 2/13/2020
by Anonymous donated $100 on 2/13/2020
Thomas S donated $500 on 2/13/2020
John Lovelace donated $25 on 2/13/2020
John M. Volkman donated $100 on 2/13/2020
Jeanne Morrison donated $250 on 2/11/2020
Much love to your organization and it's efforts
Ralph O donated $25 on 2/11/2020
Carol Bickford donated $25 on 2/11/2020
Fred's Brother donated $25 on 2/11/2020
It's what you all do, that makes the sun come up each day over our Grand Canyon and it's future for all.
Tania J Malven donated $5 on 2/11/2020