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Dan H donated $25 on 3/22/2019
Without the Trust the Colorado Plateau would probably be Condos and an ATV paradise called Uranium City. Hayduke Lives!
Mimi Trudeau donated $50 on 3/21/2019
Richard Blakemore donated $10 on 3/21/2019
I don't need the very excellent color annual brochure. We must work to save the planet for future generations in less consumptive ways.
Julie Jurkowski donated $100 on 3/20/2019
Janis L. McKeone donated $50 on 3/18/2019
Sarah P donated $250 on 3/17/2019
BROOKE OSORIO donated $50 on 3/17/2019
Karen Powers donated $50 on 3/16/2019
John J donated $100 on 3/14/2019
I "trust" you will do what is best for humanity.
Eric M Efron donated $10 on 3/11/2019
Please respect my privacy. Do NOT share my name and address with other groups or individuals.
Sally Glaser and David Bower donated $500 on 3/11/2019
Citron Ellen and George donated $100 on 3/11/2019
Switchback Travel donated $750 on 3/8/2019
Paul/Ginni Fennema donated $50 on 3/5/2019
Stay strong - no mines, no resorts.! Keep up the good work!!
Mark G donated $50 on 3/5/2019
Denis & Jane Kirkley donated $50 on 3/4/2019
Thanks for working hard against the Escalade project on Navajo land and fighting against mining.
by Anonymous donated $10 on 3/4/2019
Kathryn Davenport donated $100 on 2/28/2019