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Join me in helping girls find their power. For over 20 years, Girls Empowerment Network (GEN) has been a trusted resource for young women in Texas; a place for them to get support and learn skills they so desperately need.


The factors that chip away at girls’ self-esteem are reaching them at younger and younger ages, but GEN is working to change that course by providing girls with information and skills they need to be confident and successful in safe, girl-focused spaces.

GEN’s 2019 We Are Girls Houston Conference is on Saturday, April 27th. The theme is, “Ignite Her Power!” With dynamic break-out sessions and an empowering dance party, girls get to be totally in charge of their day.  They walk away inspired by what’s possible and with a new belief in their personal power. Yet so many girls can’t afford the $30 ticket. As someone who values girls and wants them to value themselves, we ask: Will you scholarship a girl to this life-changing event for just $30?

Goal: $300

April 27th is GEN’s We Are Girls Houston Conference- We are 4 days away!!!- a full-day event that connects girls to relatable role models and encourages healthy relationships,
educational discovery, and creative self-expression. I’ve set my fundraising goal to $300 - the cost to
send 10 girls to We Are Girls.
Please help me send a girl who could not afford it otherwise to this amazing event. I know it can be tough sometimes (broke college student talking here), but whatever spare change you can pitch in will all help toward ensuring our girls are given the opportunity to participate in such a MAGICAL event!!!! & If you cannot give any monetary contributions at the moment, I encourage you to please share this with your network.

Goal: $300