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Hi! We are Cinthya, Jalin, Emily, and Ashtyn and we are all social work students at Texas State University. We have decided to fundraise for Girls Empowerment Network for our Social Work Macro Practice class project. Our project requires us to work with an agency to identify a need within their existing structure. We then are tasked with finding a way to utilize available strengths and resources to meet those needs in a new, innovative manner.Considering the many people severely impacted due to COVID, we are excited to help raise funds for Girls Empowerment Network who are providing resources for girls during this time.

Girls Empowerment Network continues to provide empowering programs and support to girls during a time when they need it most. One way they have continued to reach girls is through Spark Kits! Spark Kits have been carefully designed to put powerful tools into girls hands, and increase their self-efficacy so they can ignite their power wherever they are. Instead of joining Girls Empowerment Network at summer camps, conferences, or school campuses when it is not safe, they have envisioned Spark Kits as a fun way for girls in 3rd – 8th grade to have the Girls Empowerment Network’s mission delivered right to their doorsteps.

Spark Kits include all the supplies and items needed for self-guided and collaborative activities, as well as access to virtual programming with girl experts and a community of other girls. The content pulls from Girls Empowerment Network’s 24 years of curriculum and touches on such topics as: assertive communication skills, practicing healthy coping skills, learning how to take your own “emotional temperature,” practicing self-compassion, exploring what makes healthy friendships, breaking down stereotypes, and future goal setting.

Kits cost $35 but are also available at no cost to families who are experience financial hardships. Our goal is to fundraise $1,400 to cover the costs of a Spark Kit for 40 girls! 
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