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We Are Girls Austin 2018

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Invest in the power of girls.
Every year, 1,000 We Are Girls Austin attendees come from low-income households and can only attend the event on scholarship. This year, we're aiming to raise $40,000 toward our We Are Girls scholarship fund. For only $30, you can send a deserving girl to the conference and ignite her power. Because every girl deserves to become unstoppable.

Four Austin high-schoolers explain why you should scholarship a girl to We Are Girls Austin

In late August, we had the privilege to sit down with a few high school girls and pick their brains about what it’s like to be a girl right now and what GEN has meant to them. Each of the girls interviewed participated in GEN’s June 2018 Pathfinder Leadership Summit. The roundtable included, Aaliyah (16), Julia (17), Miracle (18), and Kirsten (15).

Aaliyah shared with us about how it would've helped to be part of GEN from a young age: "When girls are younger, they don’t care what anybody thinks. But as you get older, your faith in yourself starts to go down. But if you join [GEN] early, you can keep that fire in you. That fire you have when you’re younger. If you join GEN as a little girl, the fire doesn’t have to go out and it just keeps growing and keeps burning and it only burns brighter."

We want girls’ fire to burn bright and never go out. We want to help ignite that fire in girls. That’s why we serve girls as young as eight years old through programs like the We Are Girls Austin Conference. The 2018 event is Saturday, November 3rd and will serve 2,300 participants; the theme is, “Ignite Her Power!” With dynamic break-out sessions and an empowering dance party, girls get to be totally in charge of their day. They walk away inspired by what’s possible and with a new belief in their personal power. In fact, 96% of last year’s attendees reported that the experience made them believe in themselves more.

Yet so many girls can’t afford the ticket price. Will you scholarship a girl to this life-changing event for just $30?

Julia remembers attending We Are Girls when she was in elementary school. “I looked at my friend and she asked me ‘is this how it’s supposed to be?’” Yes, it is. Schools and communities are supposed to be places that celebrate and uplift girls. We should live in a world that recognizes girls as leaders. Let’s keep building that world, together. Let's start by sending every deserving girl to We Are Girls Austin so they can see just how celebrated and powerful they are. Scholarship a girl today for just $30.


About We Are Girls: The We Are Girls Conferences, produced by Girls Empowerment Network (GEN) are held in Austin, Houston and Dallas Texas annually and are designed especially for thousands of 3rd – 8th grade girls and the adults who care about them.  With dynamic break-out sessions and an empowering dance party, girls get to be totally in charge of their day.  They walk away inspired by what’s possible and with a new belief in their personal power. Tickets are $30 and 50% of attendees receive scholarships.

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