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Julie Glasser
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It shouldn’t be controversial to say girls are powerful. But today it is. Girls Empowerment Network boldly helps girls discover they are powerful by teaching them self-efficacy - a girl’s belief in her ability to succeed. As our country contends with its systems of inequality, Girls Empowerment Network inspires girls to use their power to advocate for themselves and their communities. In 2021, we will achieve the milestone of serving 100,000 girls and celebrate our 25th anniversary with a renewed commitment to advocacy and activism. We want to ignite the power in more girls than ever before - girls whose vision for a better world includes everyone. Together we will create a future where all girls not only believe in their power, but fearlessly wield it.   

In our 25th year, help us mobilize the volunteers and funds necessary to reach our goal - to empower 
5,000 girls to believe in their ability to advocate for a better world for everyone.

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This is great!
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All for Julie, and the girls!
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A very worthy cause. And an absolutely adorable photo!! Thanks for doing this.
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Thanks for your work for this great cause Julie!
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Happy to contribute to this great cause!
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Thanks for supporting girls' empowerment, Julie!