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Meet Savannah and her mom Jennifer. We sat down with them recently to talk about their four years of experience with Girls Empowerment Network. Savannah smiles for the camera and then does a popular dance move which makes her double over in laughter. She is warm, fun, comfortable in her skin. Savannah describes herself as the mediator among her friends and the first one to find the silver lining in a situation. However, she tells us she wasn't always this way. 

"There was a time when I wished everything about me was different...confidence is a struggle for girls!
 It's hard to be
yourself without people bashing you and tearing you apart.” 

Savannah reminds us how tough being a girl can be. “We are constantly being judged by everything we do. Then we hold it in, we keep it to ourselves, we don’t tell our parents. We don’t want to add our problems to our parents’ problems. You have to put a mask on and act a certain way. You can’t be yourself.” However, in a workshop at the We Are Girls Conference, Savannah found a space where she could speak up.

“Girls Empowerment Network is a safe space, MY safe space. My favorite guideline is the Vegas Rule- what’s said here, stay’s here.
 It creates trust and relationships. I don’t feel scared to speak up and talk.”

Savannah isn’t the only one, 96% of girls who attend our programs feel like they can turn to their program leaders. 100% of girls report they feel closer to other girls and 100% report knowing how to communicate with others in a healthy, assertive way. 

When we asked Jennifer how she has seen Girls Empowerment Networks programs help Savannah she told us, “I have noticed she is having more mature dialogue around her feelings. She isn’t boxing up the difficult things like she used to. Girl Connect, Camp, and We Are Girls has shown her she isn’t alone. She is stronger and asks for support now. She knows now that it isn’t weak to be vulnerable.”

We want to continue providing spaces where girls can put away the mask, be themselves, and discover their voice. We want to help ignite the power in girls that makes them feel unstoppable. That’s why we are hosting our 12th annual We Are Girls Conference in Austin on Saturday, November 16th which will serve over 2,000 girls and the people who care about them. With featured conference speakers, an energizing rally, and dynamic break-out sessions, girls will get to be totally in charge of their day. They will walk away feeling seen, celebrated, and inspired by what’s possible. Most importantly, they will walk away with a new belief in their personal power. 

Yet, so many girls can’t afford the ticket price. Will you scholarship a girl to this life- changing event for just $30?

“The energy at the conference is so unique- I love it! Even as an adult I was like, ‘this is amazing’! By proxy, y’all have empowered me too. I have found my voice and I use it now- I know there is strength in my story.” Jennifer is right. There is power in all of our stories. So, let’s continue to lift up the voices and stories of girls and women. Let’s keep doing that, together.

Invest in the power of girls. Every year, around 1,000 We Are Girls Austin attendees come from low-income households and can only attend the event on scholarship. They deserve to become unstoppable, too.

Every $30 donated makes a world of difference for a girl in need!

Our goal is to scholarship over half of all attendees to the 2019 We Are Girls Austin Conference.
 Help us reach $36,000 before November 16th!