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New Phoebe House Association

New Phoebe House is a structured transitional housing program in Tacoma, WA, for mothers and their children.

By ensuring their day-to-day needs are met, our program allows the mothers to focus on their recovery and reunifying with their children. We provide services, support, and programming to the women to help them become self-sufficent, more resilient, able to parent in a loving and safe manner, and, lastly, transitioned to more permanent housing.

LogoNew Phoebe House opened its doors in December, 2002, and has been serving women at full capacity ever since. We provide a healthy, safe, and communal environment where women and children experience a family setting in a beautifully-restored Victorian house. Sleeping quarters, play areas, a living area, common kitchen, and dining facility, complete with laundry facilities, provide over 5000 square feet to support healthy family reunification.

New Phoebe House strives to be a continuously learning organization by accessing the latest research, monitoring outcomes, and receiving (past and current) residents' feedback for process improvement. We work with women who have experienced multiple abuse traumas. We understand the challenges that women face early in recovery.

Our Program: As residents are assured that their daily needs for food; shelter; referrals for medical, mental health, and dental care; and clothing assistance are met, they can focus on remaining clean and sober, developing job skills, gaining education, becoming financially literate, building a resource network, and improving parenting skills. This comprehensive approach allows the women and children to live in the New Phoebe House for up to two years.

Women are prepared with financial literacy, GED’s, and job skills such as conflict management. We teach, coach, observe, and role model daily life and parenting skills. Onsite programming flexes to provide women with timely information and life skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, stress-management, self-awareness, and self-management. Case Management provides valuable individualized referrals to appropriate resources in the community. Team Wraparound Sessions with each resident’s other providers are scheduled to monitor progress and encourage continual successes.

At the end of this time period, the program goals aim for each woman to be self-sufficient, more resilient, able to parent in a loving and safe manner, and transitioned to more permanent housing.

Mission: New Phoebe House Association provides housing, services, and support to Pierce County mothers with young children impacted by substance abuse, primarily methamphetamine, and helps them achieve and maintain reunification through healing, self-sufficiency, and clean-and-sober living.