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I'm fundraising for this campaign because I believe in the people at the James Project and the kids at Shadow of His Wings Orphanage. Amazing changes are happening in the kids lives and they are hearing about Jesus.

We've set a goal. It's huge.
But YOU can do something about that.

Help provide a healthy, loving childhood for the kids at Shadow of His Wings Orphanage in Guatemala. 

There are 147 million orphans in the world, that's huge number. 1 is not. You can LOVE ONE. 

Orphan Sunday is November 2nd, that's 25 days from today (Oct. 8). So here's the challenge: Before Orphan Sunday YOU find 10 people to donate $25 towards orphan care at Shadow. 10 people, 25 dollars each. Easy. 

You may think, other people will do it so I'm not going to or I don't like asking others for money so I'm going to sit this one out or $250 total won't make that big of a difference...and you might be right. While $250 is definitely helpful, the cost of caring for 90 kids is much more.

However, imagine if YOU and 49 other people took the challenge. 50 people finding 10 people to give $25. 50 x 10 x $25 = $12,500
If 100 people took the challenge? 100 x 10 x $25 = $25,000.
200 people? $50,000 
500 people? $125,000

This amount of money would be a massive step towards allowing us to provide safe, healthy, loving and consistent care for the kids at Shadow, kids like Elena and Lila. But
it cannot happen unless you take the challenge, unless you help. 

If you've found this page you have probably either liked us on FB or are on our email list which means you have an interest in/love for caring for orphans.

This is a great opportunity for you to get out of your comfort zone and speak with friends and family about what's important to you - providing care and love for kids that need it!

Many of you are already donors and/or have come on teams and have really seen the kids at Shadow and the changes that have taken place in their lives. We hope you will take the challenge with us. 

So to recap:

WHO: YOU! and some friends

WHAT: Before November 2nd, Orphan Sunday find 10 people to give $25 to care for the orphans at Shadow of His Wings Orphanage. 

(or find 5 people to give $50, 1 to give the full $250 or any combination you'd like)

WHEN: by Sunday, November 2nd - Orphan Sunday. 

WHERE: Wherever you are and Monjas, Guatemala. 

WHY: Because real change is possible in the lives of the kids at Shadow of His Wings, Elena and Lila are just 2 of many that have been welcomed in to loving families at Shadow and their lives have changed. 


1. Sign up as a "fundraiser" on this website* or email us at to let us know you've taken the challenge.  
   - As a "fundraiser" you can create your own giving page that you can share with people. Alternatively, you can collect the donations and then come to this page and click donate. 
2. Download the "Giving Sheet" as a tracking tool to use if you'd like. 
3. Make a list of 10 people that you'l talk to about donating (they can give directly to you or you can refer them to (this website) and have them donate online here. 
4. Once you receive the donations either donate online through this website or send checks to the address on the "Giving Sheet" form. 

* You will be a fundraiser for 1:27 Missions Project. They are a partner of ours and are helping run the campaign. But all donations will go to The James Project. 


Where does the money go? 95% of all donations go directly towards providing a safe, loving environment (graphic below) to the 90 kids in our care at Shadow of His Wings Orphanage. 

Do I really need to find 10 people or raise $250? We love you practical people :). The important aspect is raising $250, so if you want to donate $250 yourself or find 5 people to donate $50 that's fine with us. However, we would love for more people to know about the great work happening at Shadow of His Wings.  

Can I raise more than $250?
Did Jesus walk on water? :)

I want to share this on facebook/twitter/pinterest/new social media that we don't know about: You'll find all relevant share buttons above "the Orphan Sunday Challenge" graphic. 

So, what is Orphan Sunday? Glad you asked. Orphan Sunday is a day for us to reflect and respond to the plight of orphans around the world. It's a day to highlight the needs that need to be met for the whole year. Go to for more info. 

I'm interested in taking the challenge but want to learn more: Great! Go to our website ( - we have a lot of information there. You can also check out our Facebook page. Links to both are at the top of the page. Or send us an email with a specific question. 

Which organizations are involved here? This campaign is being run from the account of 1:27 Missions Project. They are partners of ours and have allowed us to use their account. All donations go to the James Project and will be used for Shadow of His Wings Orphanage. 

I have a question: Email or We will respond promptly! 

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