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As we look forward to kicking off our 10:12 Sports flag football season we can't help thinking about the many things that God will do during this time.  Because we take discipleship and mentoring very seriously, we want EVERY teenager in West Baltimore (13-18) to be a part of this program, and it to be accessible for them.  The reality of that, in the  neighborhoods where we are choosing to operate, means that we have to keep participation fees low.  The drawback to the participation fees being low is that there will be a gap in properly funding the league.  Here is where you come in.  By May 13th (Start of season), we desire to have all of the equipment needed to run the league paid for.  This is a very manageable goal.  Meeting this goal will help our teens to have another AMAZING experience with 10:12 Sports, and help them to know more about the God that loves them and has an amazing plan for their lives. So pick an item....or 2..... or 3, and help us to provide this unforgettable experience for our teens.

You can also purchase the item through our Amazon Wish List at: 10:12 Sports Amazon Wish List

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Dana donated $45 on 5/12/2017
What a blessing to reach 100% funding!
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You give me hope for a better Baltimore. Let me know anyway I can help out.
Ms. Lisa donated $320 on 5/6/2017
I am honored to know you. Jeff you are doing great things!!
Lisa Eaton donated $290 on 5/6/2017
Jeff, you are doing the Lord's work and what an amazing job you are doing!!
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Jeff--- I have been following your posts on Facebook. Keep pouring your love into these young men! We're pleased to support you!
Cara and Rafael Gomez donated $170 on 5/2/2017
Errin B donated $100 on 5/2/2017
Keep up the great work!!
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