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Thank you for visiting the donation page in honor of Squish's 3rd birthday! We are planning a special Squishy donation to the San anotnio Humane Society. Donations will go towards day-to-day maintenance, health, enrichmentm and other needs for these amazing rescues at SAHS. We'd like to kindly remind everyone that a suggested donation of $5 per person is asked for entry, or $20 for groups of 5 or more people. If you donate here, make sure to keep your confirmation email/receipt. If you'd rather pay cash, no worries! We will be taking cash donations at the door. Because Squish knows he has fans worldwide, he wanted to make sure everyone had the option to donate to such a great cause. Whatever way you choose to donate, those who donate $5 or more will be entered to win one of several awesome giveaways. Winners don't necessarily have to be in attendence :). Thank you again for your meaningful donations, and we can't wait to celebrate 3 years of Squishy joy on March 30!
When Squish was found as a stray he had fractures to the right side of his head. This damage led to malformed bones surrounding the right side of his face and significant scar tissue around the right jaw joint which prevented Squish from being able to open his mouth. He was taken to veterinary specialists where skull x-rays revealed significant right skull fractures suspected to be a blunt force directed down toward his head. The consensus was that he would need extensive jaw surgeries and ongoing treatment with uncertainty that he would regain function of his jaw to chew food. His quality of life was declining as he was and it was uncertain if it would improve with surgery. I was working at that specialty hospital as a veterinarian when I met Squish. While I waited to hear about Squish’s options, I decided to take Squish home for the night to give him freedom from his cage. I let him sleep in my bed where he slept soundly. I on the other hand didn’t sleep a wink thinking that could be the last night he would be in someone’s arms. As I lay there gazing at this sleeping ball of brindle pup, there was no way I could let him be euthanized if it came to that. In that moment, he became my little Squish.